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Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer, Chlorine Sensor

CL-2059A Industrial Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer
CL-2059A is a total new industrial residual chlorine analyzer, with high intelligence, sensitivity. It can measure residual chlorine and temperature simultaneously. It is widely used in such industries as thermal power plant, running water, pharmaceutical, drinking water, water purification, industrial pure water, swimming pool disinfection residual chlorine continuous monitoring.
Highly intelligent: CL-2059A Industrial online residual chlorine analyzer adopts industry leading overall design
concept of the core components to ensure high-quality, import instruments.
High and low alarm: hardware isolation, each channel can be arbitrarily chosen measurement parameters, can be
Temperature compensation: 0 ~ 50 ℃ automatic temperature compensation
Waterproof and dustproof: good sealing instrument.
Menu: Easy operation menu
Multi-screen display: There are three kinds of instrument display, user-friendly display for the different
Chlorine calibration: provide chlorine zero and slope calibration, clear menu design.
CL-2059-01 is an electrode for measuring the constant voltage principle water chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone. Constant voltage measurement maintains a stable electric potential at the measurement side of the electrode, different components produce different current intensity at the electric potential when measured. The micro-current measurement system consists of two platinum electrodes and a reference electrode consisting. Chlorine, chlorine dioxide , ozone will be consumed  when water sample flowing through the measuring electrode, therefore, must maintain the water sample continue flow the measuring electrode.
Technical Indexes
Electrodes: glass bulb, Platinum (inside)
Reference electrode: gel with annular contacts
Body Material: Glass
Cable length: 5 m silver-plated three-core cable
Working pressure: 10bar at 20 ℃
Dimensions: length 110mm, 12mm diameter
YLG-2058 Industrial Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer 
is a bran-new residual chlorine analyzer in our company; It is a high-intelligence on-line monitor, It is made up of three parts: a secondary instrument and a sensor, a organic glass flow cell. It can measure residual chlorine, pH and temperature simultaneously. It can be widely used for continuous monitoring of residual chlorine and pH value of various water quality in power, water plants, hospitals and other industries.

Intelligent: It adopts high-precision AD conversion and single chip microcomputer processing technologies and
can be used for the measurement of the PH values and temperature, automatic temperature compensation and
self-checking etc function.
Multi-parameter display: On the same screen, residual chlorine, temperature, pH value, output current, status
and time are displayed.
Isolated current output: Optoelectronic isolating technology is adopted. This meter has strong interference
immunity and the capacity of long-distance transmission.
High and low alarm function: High and low alarm isolated output, hysteresis can be adjusted
 YLG-2058-01 Industrial Online Residual Chlorine Electrode
Electrolyte and osmotic membrane separates the electrolytic cell and water samples,  between the two electrode has a fixed potential difference, current intensity generated can be converted into residual chlorine concentration;

Technical Indexes
Measuring range:0.005 ~ 20ppm(mg/L) HOCl
The minimum detection limit:5ppb or 0.05mg/L HOCl
Accuracy:2% or ±10ppb
HOCl response time:90%<90second
Storage temperature:-20 ~ 60 ℃
Operation temperature:0~45℃
Sample temperature:0~45℃
Calibration method:laboratory comparison method
Calibration interval:1/2 month
Maintenance interval:Replacement of a membrane and electrolyte every six months
The connection tubes for inlet and outlet water:external diameter Φ10
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